newsies the musical:  march 15, 2012 - august 24, 2014 (based off of this post by cotthauser)

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Matthew Young was a movie extra for the Disney film Newsies. These are photos that he took when he was on the set.


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Me whenever spot conlon acts tough: you’re like twelve

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Reviving an old, old sketch.


Reviving an old, old sketch.

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About time, Master Wayne.




About time, Master Wayne.


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favourite films: Newsies (1992)

“Well, that’s the first thing you gotta learn - headlines don’t sell papes. Newsies sell papes.”

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ok it’s been 22 years have we written ALL the AU????? 

is there a competitive cup stacking au????????????




Race’s reaction always makes me laugh. Always.

Look at Mush too. I can’t even. 

And Boots is just having none of it.

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Anonymous asked, "What does EYDW stand for?"

Everything You’ve Done Wrong, an AU fic verse. It’s both the name of the original story, and the entire universe. 

Movienewsies made a great post explaining it. 

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so what i love is that the EYDW fandom is at this point probably bigger than the Newsies movie fandom. that is probably why there are so few of us left. EYDW literally killed us off. 

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Fun story! I read the first couple chapters of EYDW before I watched newsies. I found it in a search on

I didn’t realize it was a Newsies fic until much later on. 

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This is Jack Kelly.

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1859: Girl in Boys Clothes 



"A young girl, who gave her name as Jane Anderson, was arrested on Monday, in Cincinnati, for being found in boy’s clothes. She was brought before the police court with a young man who answered to the name of Joseph Anderson, and claimed to be her half brother. She states that she has worn the toggery in which she has appeared in court, about three years, and that her sex has never been discovered; that during that time she has been employed upon the steamers on Lake Erie as cook, steward, &c., and only came west two or three days previous to her arrest, in search of employment. 

"She is about eighteen years of age, and with her hair cut short on her neck, close fitting cloth cap, frock coat, black pants and boots, looks the youngster of sixteen very well. She has a bright eye, and rather an intelligent look, and although not disposed to talk much, answers all questions civilly. She says that her parents, who are both dead, formerly resided in Buffalo, N .Y., and that that city is her home. She is hardly a fair specimen of the female portion of the city of ‘ye gentle zephyrs.’ She claims the right to wear men’s clothes if she likes; but says if they are determined to clothe her in feminine habiliments, they must furnish her with an elaborate wardrobe. She would make an excellent ‘bonny Kate’ for some ‘Petruchio’ to try his hand in taming."

~From The Standard. (Clarksville, Tex.), January 15, 1859 

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