1900 New Years Resolutions 

  • Spot: Alienate all his allies and befriend his enemies
  • Jack Kelly: Choreograph a new dance that involved commandeering a streetcar and dancing with bulls instead of running from them in a shocking twist of fate
  • David: Apply for a grant from the state of New York to create literacy classes in the lodging house.
  • Bumlets: Slay the competition with perfection.
  • Racetrack: Give up selling papes and gamble full time
  • Les: Continue the 4th grade
  • Pulitzer: Perfect mustache

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The one that started it all

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Learning Styles 

Jack: Visual. He reads all his papes and retains it all, especially the headlines. Colors make it easier for him to remember things. 

David: Auditory. He loves music and started sneaking backstage to watch Medda’s performances more often than Jack. He is often rehearsing speeches and always take a few minutes to plan headlines to hawk before hitting his beat.

Spot Conlon: Kinestetic


The return of Night Blogging 

Do you think Kloppman got involved when the boys were having interpersonal problems

and he started off having a ~sharing stick~ and would sit down and whoever was holding the sharing stick got to talk.

but then Bumlets was out near the lumber yard and found a whole ton of sharing sticks

and all the sticks and all the sharing

naturally led to a musical

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There was so much talk about the lyrics changing, but I think the most striking difference between the recordings is that the songs in the movie were mostly sung by children and adolescents  and most of the singers on the Broadway recording are adults. The sound is entirely different. 

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Reasons Skittery May Have Been In a Bad Mood 

  1. A moderately serious paper cut.
  2. He had to talk to guys he didn’t know all morning.
  3. No one warned him that there would be dance breaks this week.
  4. A bird crapped on him.
  5. He thinks Denton is kind of sketchy.
  6. Toothache. 
  7. Kloppman keeps waking his up first, and Skittery is starting to take it personally. 
  8. Someone put at notch in his stick and he doesn’t know who to pound over it.
  9. He looks horrible in the newpaper photo.
  10. Seriously, no one warned him there would be any dance breaks.


This picture makes me really, really happy.


This picture makes me really, really happy.

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Did the TNC disappear? 


Completely? I know it got so angsty for awhile that I kind of ran away from it, but some days, I really miss it. It was the first place I felt like I belonged on tumblr.

Yes, it did. Some days I’m really sad about it, because so much effort and love went into the TNC and so many wonderful things came out of it.