ok it’s been 22 years have we written ALL the AU????? 

is there a competitive cup stacking au????????????

nights in the lodging house 

  • Mush: Blink, you think Teddy Roosevelt misses me.
  • Blink: No. Shut up.
  • Mush: Blink, do you think there's meremaids in the harbor.
  • Blink: Sh!
  • Mush: Wouldn't they get cold in the winter? Maybe they have fevers all the time so they aren't so cold.
  • Blink: I'm gonna come down there and I'm gonna soak ya.
  • Mush: Kloppman's gonna die soon.

"We’re a unicorn now! The newsboys unicorn." 

Imagine Mush trying to comfort an angry Spot Conlon.

Mush goes for the hug.

Disaster ensues. 

Blink handles all angry Brooklynites from then on. 

The return of Night Blogging 

Do you think Kloppman got involved when the boys were having interpersonal problems

and he started off having a ~sharing stick~ and would sit down and whoever was holding the sharing stick got to talk.

but then Bumlets was out near the lumber yard and found a whole ton of sharing sticks

and all the sticks and all the sharing

naturally led to a musical

Someone should write a fic in which the movie newsies meet the stage show newsies. 

And the movie boys are all like, jesus christ who are these elderly people trying to be newsboys?

Except Movie Racetrack. Who would swallow back tears as he whispers “Oh bretheren. I’ve been alone for so long.”

I miss The Skittery Stick. 

It’s over a year old now and I haven’t seen it in months.

Remember when I found it in the woodshop and I asked the techincal director if I could have it and he said “As long as we don’t need it down the line” which I took as a  yes and carved into that mother fucker like lightning?

I love the Skittery Stick. I remember coming to Knox on admitted students day and missing the Skittery Stick and walking with the umbrella but it wasn’t the same.

What am I going to do with The Skittery Stick when my family moves? I don’t want it to take up space. But I don’t want to let it go. I’d send it to someone in the TNC if they wanted it, but shipping something that shape would be a bitch.

What if I cut it into pieces? Would that be murder? Narcissitic to believe anyone would be interested?

What does the Skittery Stick represent? My object cluttered life? My love of newsies when it was still last year? What is going on in my head?


"Too bad you’ve no family, but you can’t have mine!" 

Oh god Jack. Jack baby. You can have mine. I mean, you’ll spend a lot of time in the waiting rooms of psychiatric hospitals but OH GOD you can have my family in a non-romantic way I know he’s talking romantic but listen baby I’m talking like family ok Jack do you want to it’s ok I’ll give your our address come by any time.

Sometimes I fancy myself to be a villian in the world of Newsies headcanons.

Like everyone is playing in a field with Dutchy the successful writer, and Jack in his Santa Fe costume.

Then I come out in a cloak and strike Snoddy with alcoholism. And the grass withers and everyone runs away, clutching the newsies. But some don’t make it out. And I hit them with my lightning bolt. And they fall.

Oh. Oh do they fall.

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Hey there! It’s late but someone still read my story! Thank you friend!

Oh my goodness, followers are leaving! 

That’s cool.

Listen I’ve been out of the Newsies fandom, but fuck that. I care too much about this story. So I’m going to say that yes I don’t care about ships. I care about the characters.

I’m going to write a ficlet a day. I mean, I’m a little out of it on and may change my mind about that later. But fuck that. It’s ficlet time. I’m going to write shipless fics. There will be no sailing.

Becky in.

My blogiversary is Feburary 20th.

I will be accepting:

  • Free papes
  • Sauerkraut 
  • Fics where I capture the heart of Spot Conlon and go on to heal his broken soul.
  • A script autographed by every single person who worked on the movie, especially the gate lady from Blood Drips. And by especially I mean her signature being of John Hancock proportions. 
  • A home visit by Dee Caspary
  • Financing to build a lodging house.
  • The right to name your first born whatever newsie name I choose.
  • Souls.

Anonymous asked, "What DID Crutchy do to the sauerkraut? Is this a joke I just don't get?"

Most likely he spat into it. It’s the most logical conclusion to draw from food involved mischief in a Disney movie. It’s never said outright, but this makes the most sense.

However, if you have seen Fight Club you know there is something else that can be done to obnoxious people’s food. And when it is night, I choose to believe that he did something that required a little more concentration.

Can’t you just see the guys in the cast joking about what Crutchy really did to the sauerkraut?