Did the TNC disappear? 


Completely? I know it got so angsty for awhile that I kind of ran away from it, but some days, I really miss it. It was the first place I felt like I belonged on tumblr.

Yes, it did. Some days I’m really sad about it, because so much effort and love went into the TNC and so many wonderful things came out of it. 


Hey guys.

Looks like The Tumblr Newsies Community has ended. You know, I was in denial, even after I left. But judging by the TNC tag and every single community leader being forced out by hate, I’m pretty secure in saying it’s gone.

It’s just kind of heartbreaking. The TNC was my baby. I put so much time and love into it. And while many of the friendships formed through it are now over, I have such great feelings towards what the community was.

Seriously, it was awesome. We had a podcast, we had a Secret Santa, we had livestream chats with the cast, we had a fanfiction book club. It was one of the happiest parts of my life for a very long time.

I’m sad that it’s over. I’m heartbroken at the sheer volume of harassment my friends and collaborators have received. 

And while I will not be returning, I truly miss Spot Conlon’s Territory. I miss so many of you. The loss I feel cannot be described, because it’s not one I’ve experienced before. To watch a community you began and nurtured just fall apart. There was nothing I could do to stop it, because while I was a founder, it didn’t belong to me. It never belonged to one person. The TNC always belonged to it’s members. That was what was so beautiful about it, and why it was so heartbreaking to watch it die.

I truly hope there is a community out there for fans that can be for new fans what the TNC was to me and to so many that I love. I hope unity returns to the fandom and fun times can be had. 

Because fandoms are about fun. They are about sharing your passion, creating and making friendships. Don’t forget that. 

Carry the Banner,


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Spot Conlon’s Territory is on hiatus.
Spot Conlon’s Territory is on hiatus.

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Hey guys, just an update to tell you how things are coming along.

I’ve hit a snag with collecting everything (my internet’s been shut off!), so I’m extending the date for submissions!

As a reminder, this is a collaborative video to send our stories and our thanks to the cast and crew of Newsies, both the film and stage productions. This is your chance to tell your stories and how much this show means to you!

You can now send (pictures, audio, or clips) until July 15th! Just message me links or your emails, or if you’re just submitting pictures, you can just submit them here to my tumblr—just make sure you put your name as well for credit!

Thanks again everyone!

On this day in 1898, Teddy Roosevelt charged San Juan Hill. I guess we all know where Bryan Denton was then, too. 


Goldie’s Screencap of the Day


Goldie’s Screencap of the Day

Reblog if you love your Newsies friends. 

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Excuse me. 

It’s been 20 years.

A DVD and blueray have been released.

It’s been turned into a Tony award winning musical.

Jack Kelly is Batman.


The Skittery Stick was lost in the move.

guys oh my god our hearts breaking together can we please be a family again what the fuck happened I miss the unity please please please ugh let our devastation glue us love you good night.

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Comfort Corner 

Let’s cry and celebrate in Tinychat.

Not some painting in his head? An Interview with A Santa Fe Resident 

  • Me: Is Santa Fe a small town?
  • Sam: Yes.
  • Me: Clean, and green and pretty?
  • Sam: It's pretty, but it's not that green. It is very clean.
  • Me: And the entire city is made out of clay, correct?
  • Sam: It's...a lot of the houses are made out of adobe.
  • Me: Do you plant crops? Split rails? Swap tales around the fire? Except, of course, Sunday when you lie around all day.
  • Sam: We definitely lie around all day on Sunday. We can't swap tales around the fire because it's too dry and fires are against the law. We don't split rails because I don't know what that means. Some people plant crops, but I do not.
  • Me: Can previously handicapped children stand and run upon arriving in Santa Fe?
  • Sam: What? WHAT?
  • Me: Can you chase the sun and do you swim the Grande Rio just for fun?
  • Sam: It's too dry. We have a the Santa Fe River but it's just a stream.
  • Me: And do you chase the sun?
  • Sam: If it's a slow day I might.
  • Me: Is the moon so big and yellow, it turns night right into day?
  • Sam: We have a different moon in Santa Fe. It's a special Santa Fe moon. It's big, but not yellow.
  • Me: Alright Sam, thank you.
  • Sam: That was really weird.

Angsting in the Afternoon: Hey #1 

  • Skittery: Hey.
  • Me: Hey.
  • Skittery: I've missed you these days. I thought you might call. It's been weeks.
  • Me: I've been crazed.
  • Skittery: Hey, hey. Have you been selling papes? Cause you look like a mess.
  • Me: Thanks, I guess.
  • Skittery: You're so mean.
  • Me: Well coming from you--
  • Skittery: I don't bitch like you do.
  • Me: Ok, how did it start?
  • Skittery: But you took it too far.
  • Me: Oh, I took it to far.
  • Skittery: Hey! Hey!
  • Me: Skittery, don't! Don't do this to me!
  • Skittery: Are we over? Don't say that we're over.
  • Me: Oh my god you melodramatic son of a bitch of course not. Don't be silly.

As a fan, do you call yourself… 

  • an ambastard
  • a fansie
  • or a newsie?

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